Admission Process

Our admission process looks at the character of a child academically and socially to make sure BGS is the right fit for him or her. We welcome diversity and hope that families stay with us for their child’s entire academic journey.

Our Process

For all grades we require the past two years’ report cards that highlight academic and personal growth.

For Nursery

To start Kindergarten (age 3-5) at BGS, our early learners must be able to meet developmental and age appropriate expectations like being able to eat and drink independently, be potty trained with no diapers and other standards outlined in our Kindergarten Admissions Guidelines document.

We take children whose primary language is English as well as non-native English speakers. For both, we ask for character reports and sample curriculum from daycare centers or kindergartens they have previously attended. All this helps in placing our young learners in age appropriate grades.

For parents who are in Bangalore at the time of application, our admission process for the Early Years (ages 3, 4 and 5) program requires parents to bring their children in for three consecutive Shadow Days so that we can observe the child in a classroom environment.

For parents applying long distance, we require signed confirmation that the Kindergarten Admission Guidelines are met. Upon arrival, based on those admission guidelines and with the help of feedback from our teachers after 2 weeks in class, CIS (council of international schools) reserves the right to ask the child to join later if he or she is deemed not ready for CIS (council of international schools).

For Pre – Primary, Primary and Middle School

For Grades 1-7, we require students to take a Maths and English Test on the content they have recently covered. Middle Schoolers are required to take a MAP test as a preference at BGS.

For long distance applicants, we require that a teacher administer the child’s test at their current school. Parents are not allowed to proctor tests.

Our tests are based on the past content the child has covered. We can also send a list of suggested topics to revise. Our test’s goals are to evaluate grade placement and the right fit for their time at CIS (council of international schools). We do take into account that students come from different education systems when reviewing our applicants. CIS (council of international schools) requires parents to pay the Entrance Test fee of $150 prior to the testing date. Our business office will send an invoice to you as soon as you confirm the test date.

We also require the past two years’ report cards to assess a student’s academic history. Please do send these along with your application.

For the High School

For the IGCSE (Grades 8,9 and 10), we require an English and Maths test as well as the past two years’ report cards. Please note if reports do not show academic consistency and promise, BGS might offer a conditional acceptance based on final exam results.

Simple steps to admit your child into BGS

  • Step 1: Inquiry Please email us at in to inquire on our school and an available seat.
  • Step 2:Schedule Your School Visit
  • Step 3: Submit Your Application
  • Step 4: Schedule Entrance Test
  • Step 5: Notification of Admission
  • Step 6: Application Accepted
  • Step 7: Documents and Tuition Due